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Safety Tips

There is no correct way to recognize a fraudulent seller or buyer. We suggest you to have a  good judgment and follow the below tips .

Tips for Buyer

  • You may use email id of the seller to get in touch with him/her at a safe location. Preferably public places like Malls / Bus Stations / Shop etc.
  • Be careful about unrealistic offers. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unrealistic offers are used to motivate purchasers to make hasty decisions.
  • The best way to transact is to exchange payment & item at a time, never transfer money to someone you don’t know. If transferred the payment is gone.
  • Ask for clear information about product details /features, price, payment and method of delivery.
  • Use safe payment method which you know.
  • Get verifiable mobile numbers from sellers.
  • In case of cars, bikes and electronic goods you should test them about the condition, identification numbers and check on the originality of the items before buying. (Don’t buy theft items) for Cars and Bikes you may perform a 9 point / 21 point technical check with an authorized mechanic before finalizing.
  • Do your research to compare price and quality with other products.
  • Never give your financial information to seller.
  • take a national ID card copy

Tips for Seller

  • Take full payment at a time on delivery, in a safe place.
  • Check whether it is fake cheque or money orders, initially bank accepts and hold your cheque later, if found fake.
  • Verify the buyer information before finalizing the deal.
  • Get a verifiable mobile number from buyer.
  • Cross check with product and features list on your ad, to avoid misunderstanding.
  • If you suspect any caller (Who claims to be a buyer) please inform at the nearest police station.
  • take a national ID card copy

We recommend to buyers and sellers to take all kind of safety measures to avoid buying a low quality product and a victim of fraud.

What should I do if I come across someone to be fraudulent buyer or seller?

We request you to notify the police immediately if you suspect someone or if you are victim of fraud.

What kind of advertisements not allowed on orly.pk ?

We prohibit listing of items which are illegal according to national or international lawPlease go through our prohibited items list in terms & condition section.


orly.pk never mediate between buyer and seller. If any individual or website involved in mediating for transaction as a broker or agent, please don’t accept.

These safety tips are provided to your safety only, (to be extra cautious during the course of your transactions) orly.pk will not take any responsibility for sale or purchase of any items.

We are using orly.pk domain only. if you receive any email with different domain then inform us at support@orly.pk immediately .


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