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Privacy policies are the conditions which explain that how we gather and manage the user information and where we use it. The privacy policy is very significant because it produces many difficulty for users and for companies who collect these information. The privacy policies are defined in terms of nationwide and global rules and laws on which anybody or any company, organization have to agree and follow these condition. The given underneath are our privacy policies which are also defined in terms of nationwide and global rules and laws about privacy of users information.




All the information collected from user is always secure with us & shall be. Data security is our first responsibility. We use many ways to protect your data through passwords, encryptions and by physical security from unauthorized access and disclosure. Like us it also your responsibility to help us by protecting data from unauthorized. And it is only by not write any more about you in your ads product title or in product description.


Data can be access, update and Deleted


All the data which is collected by you is always accessed, updated and deleted by you. And it is only by sign up in this site through which you also access, update and delete your ads. And you also access, update and delete your registration data.




We gather less, accurate and useful data which help us and users to identify you and who want to buy products you have posted & the collected data is accessed, updated and deleted by you anytime you want & all the data is in front of you and available publicly.
1) We need data for post your ads. so buyer easily find you and contact you and buy a product from you.
2) We need data for your listing in Orly.pk which is important to recognize you that who are you? and where are you from?.




Orly.pk collect information for Posting Ads so clearly this information is for user who want to buy your products & all the data posted on this Orly.pk is available publicly. All your data is accessible by you and can be access for update, delete by you.
Orly.pk collect following type of information.
1) IP address.
2) User Full Name.
3) User Verified Email Address.
4) User Phone Number.
5) User City Name.





When you update or delete your ads or account, your data is also update in our record or on deleting data it is also delete from our record. The data collected from users are always be in the form like which they give us and on updating data the data must be updated in our database. The data in our database is accurate is updated and always see able by user (only his/her data).




We protect the users data and shall be. We don’t disclose the user data and don’t sell it or show the user data to anybody & we are against of disclosing data. Our first duty is data protection and security from any unauthorized person. On any government need of user data we first inform users. But we care that not give the users data to any unauthorized person or company, or organization.





On any type of question, problem about our privacy policy you contact us.

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